Family Album

14 March 2000

Ant & Damian
13 Feb 2000
Ant and Damian (steering)
A park in London

Actually he's not steering he's hiding the grey hairs for me.

Damian said: "Daddy there."

Damian & Chris
10 Feb 2000
Damian (Oct 97) and Chris
At home

Damian is still perfecting his smile.

Ollie said "It looks like he's cross!"

Damian: "That's not you, that's me.  Mummy smiling."

11 Feb 2000Dompsli
Dominic (Dompsli) (Dec 95)
In a pub in St Albans

Dompsli is the talkative one in our family so this is a typical picture.

Dompsli said, "I like it because my mouth is open.  But I don't know why it is.  It does look like me.  I can see Damian there."

Ollie said "It looks like he's shouting!"

Damian: "Heee!  GomHick."  I asked him what Dompsli was doing and Damian opened his mouth wide but wouldn't say anything.

12 Feb 2000
Oliver (Ollie) (May 94)

Number one son caught in a serious moment.

Dompsli said, "I like that picture because Ollie is smiling."  "Are you sure?"  "No."

Damian: "That's Ollie.  Not me.  Not talk."

House front
14 Feb 2000
The front of our house.

We are hoping this will one day be a "before" picture.
Note the garage base, the water pipe and the muddy drive.
Dompsli said, "This one's too dark."

Damian: "Outside.  Our car."

House back
14 Feb 2000
The back of our house.

We have already done a lot of work tidying up the back of the garden - hard to believe isn't it?
Dompsli said, "It nice, I can see a car."

I have put the boys birthdates in so that I don't have to update them every time.  You can work the dates out from the picture dates!
More pictures to follow I hope.

Damian: "That big garden.  That not big garden.  That little garden."

Bill And I took the pictures.