Pub Crawl & Curry Night

The Photos & The Story

Saturday 12th February 2000


The Drinking!
Brigid and Felix were asked if they always just share one bottle of Bud.
This may look as though Chris has returned from the bar with a pint for a very tall photographer, but actually she is still on her knees after begging to be served.  Chris returns to her knees later on in the evening, see below.

Claire may have only been off beer for 8 months but she's already forgotten the different types.

"Bitter", explains Ant, not "Orange juice" which Claire is obviously saying.

Chris looks on with that look all mothers give to women who are going to give birth in the next few weeks.

"Ahhh" Clare spots some of her pupils being refused drinks at the bar. 
Pat in a pensive moment puts his hands together too.  He's thinking, "I do hope he brings me another pint, and not one of those Belgian beers he got last time.  It's getting hot in here.  Has anyone else noticed?  Hello.  Hello?  Where is everyone?  They can't have gone for the curry yet, it's only 11:45.  Ah, hang on a minute there's a familiar face."
"So the yeast is put into the top of the Worst soon after the Kilts invaded Wales.  The magnitude of spin was discovered by Einstein to affect the amount of head left on the table when standing at the bar.  CAMERA invented beer in the 1900s by mixing fermented bread with Perrier Water.  Left on its own it ferments and travels down the viaduct to Belgium where the barrel is removed from around the beer and the beer is left for up to 20 seconds for the secondary fermentation to take place.  That's why it is called secondary.  Of course, in Devon our beer is called cider and it is made exactly the same way as your Belgium beer but it is turned upside down - a technique discovered by Galileo just before he discovered America."

"Where's everybody gone?"

The Eating!
Leanne said, "I can't eat all that!"
If you look closely in Jenny's ear you can see her brains in this picture.

If you look VERY closely you can see the brain thinking to itself, "What on earth am I doing out with this lot of drunkards?"

Competition Time
Is Chris:
a)  saying grace 
b)  praying for another beer
c)  praying that everyone behaves
d)  praying that Adrian proposes to Clare so we can have another party?
Looks like the answer was d)

But hang on a minute, isn't it supposed to be Adrian that goes down on his knees?

"Ooooh, Clare's getting married!"  Felix is keen.

 But not as keen as Leanne who starts choosing the flowers straight away.

"Drinks all round.  Anybody want to see the ring?"
"Not another one", says Claire.  "All this eating, drinking and weddings is spoiling my diet."
"When I explained about the size of my charisma, how could she refuse?!", said Adrian.
"Charisma?  What's that?", says Pat.

Claire explains.

Chris is delighted for the happy couple, but is even happier to see the size of the Korma.
"And you get a massive poppadom with it!" Chris demonstrates.

"Oooh, well I think you are all being far too cheeky." says Auntie Hazel.  "It wasn't at all like this when I got engaged.  We certainly didn't have poppadoms" .

Ant and Bill couldn't agree more.
"Now come on you lot, this is getting silly", says Pat.

"Put your poppadoms down and let's find out if they are really getting married."

The poppadoms were respectfully returned to the table.

"Are you in fact actually getting married?" said the quickly found detective.
"Or you have been pulling our legs yes?"

Pat can hardly stand the tension.  Has he broken up a beautiful relationship?  Will they ever forgive him? Will it turn out that he's actually the one getting married?  What has he done?  And most importantly, where did he leave his beer?

"Ha ha, only kidding!" reveals Clare, sitting down quickly.

"Yes! I knew it!" said the other Claire, getting tangled up with Ant as they both tried to snatch Pat's Shami Kebab.

"You're such a tease Clare!" says Pat while he's choosing another starter.

(It's fairly obvious who won the battle for the Shami.)

"Oooh you youngsters!" laughs Hazel.
"I thought you were serious then. I even had to get Michael's jeans off to make sure."

"Mummy, Daddy's got a big charisma too, hasn't he?" asks Jenny.

"I think it could be time we were going now." says Michael.
"I've got an important rugby match in a few minutes."
"Don't you worry about me now good reader" says Adrian.
"One more cider and I've got to be getting Clare home." he says with more than the usual twinkle in his eye.

"He's not normally like this." says Clare.  Again.