Frequently Asked

Q You're joking aren't you, a FAQ for a little home page like this?
A Yes.

Q Who are you then?
A I'm Ant, and if you don't know who that is you probably won't be very interested in anything here.

Q Just how Frequently Asked are these questions?
A Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, aren't really questions that are asked frequently it's just a format to instruct you without making you feel ignorant.

Q What is the meaning of life?
A This is the exception to the FAQ rule above and actually is frequently asked but I have noticed, very rarely answered.

Q I've found 2 spelling mistakes and a broken link in one of your pages, how should I let you know?
A Message in a bottle please.

Q Do all websites have a FAQ?
A All the good ones.

Q I think your website is great and would like to have one just like yours, how do you do that?
A If you've got Microsoft Internet Explorer on your computer, the chances are that you've got Front Page Express too. Write a new page called index.html and then upload it. See Help for details. When you can do this, buy a proper web authoring tool and use FTP Voyager to upload the files.

Q Are you staring at my pint?
A Yes.

Q Have you decorated your house yet?
A Yes. One wall. In the front room.

Q Do questions in a FAQ have to be related to the web sites hosting them?
A Turnips. And neither do the answers.

Q Why do the Qs and As change colour when I point or click on them?
A Because the style sheet I wrote tells them to.

Q Is this the last question?
A Yes.