The Plinthophone

Preliminary Information


The Plinthophone was invented by Antony Pace in England in August 2009 for Antony Gormley's Fourth Plinth project in Trafalgar Square. See


Details of the Plinthophone will be released when it is demonstrated between 6am and 7am on 18th August 2009. The Plinthophone is portable but requires some assembly and tuning.


An untuned Plinthophone, as with most tunable instruments, is unpleasant both accoustically and visually. Once tuned though, playing it is very easy to learn. It is a beautiful instrument.

Future Performances

To date the plinth launch is the only planned public performance of The Plinthophone and only one exists. Future performances are expected and can be arranged with Antony directly.


Further details are available directly from the inventor and Plinther Antony Pace by twitter: @antonypace